How to Remove Pop Up Blocker in Google Chrome

Check out the detailed procedure on disable pop up blocker in Google chrome

Indeed, Google Chrome is the most advanced browser offered by Google that is equipped with the latest features and technologies. Still, there is a factor that can hamper surfing on Google Chrome that is a sea of pop-ups appearing on the screen. Luckily, one can quickly resolve this issue in time by trying out the detailed procedure mentioned in this article to resolve this issue in time.

 Further, Google Chrome has a default feature that blocks the pop-ups before they appear on the screen. However, the user can decide whether they wish to allow the pop-up or not. In case, if the pop-ups are still appearing on the screen even when they are disabled:

  • Then, the user might have subscribed to the particular
  • Device or computer is infected by a malware

 Still, few users wish to enable the pop-up options for certain sites.

So, to help out the users with the process on how to disable pop up blocker in Google chrome, they can check out the procedures mentioned below.

 How to remove block pop-up from a site?

  •  For this process, the user is required to launch the Google Chrome browser and follow the mentioned steps:
  •  Navigate to the More option and click on the Settings option under the section.
  • Now, click on the Privacy and Security option and click on the Site Settings option.
  • Then, click on the pop-up option and proceed with the process.
  • After that, enable the allowed option to allow pop-ups from the site.

How to allow pop-ups from a particular site?

For the users who are looking for the procedure on how to remove pop up blocker in Google chrome from a particular site can check out the steps provided below:

  • Launch the Chrome browser and visit the page where the pop-ups are blocked.
  • Further, in the address bar, the user needs to click on the pop-ups blocker icon.
  • After that, the user needs to click on the link where they wish to see the pop-ups.
  • And to view pop-ups from the particular site every time, the user needs to enter the site link in the Always allow pop up section.
  • Then, the user is required to click on the done option to complete the process.

Hence, this was the complete details on how to remove pop up blocker in Google Chrome. In case, if the user is facing any difficulty or has any queries, they can feel free to contact the Google support for required help.

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