Spirit Airlines Phone Number

Spirit Airlines – is a American ultra low cost carrier which has its headquarter in Miramar , Florida , it operates throughout United States , and in Caribbean, Mexico, Latin America as well in South America . Its Frequent Flyer programe is called Free Spirit, in order to fly through the airlines one can get the reservation done either through Spirit Airlines phone number with special deals and offer.Contact Spirit Airlines customer service number extends its help in many, the expert who receives the call ensures that the best travel service is provided through all means and there are specific departments assigned to it

Spirit Airlines baggage policy:-

 The airlines firmly believe in that they will charge for what you use and if the individual wants to seek more clarification can do so by the Spirit Airlines customer service number , basic policy is as following

Carryon bags and the checked bags will be charged over 40lbs however the small size bag is included in the ticket such as purse or may be bag pack which should not exceed 18*14*8 inches including handles and the wheels

Carryon bag – should not exceed 22*18*10 inches including handles and the wheels at times carryon bag will be considered as checked bag for the safety purpose

Checked bags– Maximum 62 linear inches length +width+heigtht should not exceed 158 cm however if it succeeds , the individual will be asked to pay for the same and the bags which exceed 100pouds or 45kg and measure more than 80 linear in overall dimension cannot be accepted and most importantly the policy also differ according to the Region one can check the same on the Airlines website

Spirit Airlines reservations phone number

Spirit airlines flight reservation online – One can get the airline booking done through taking the following steps

· For the same the individual has to go the Airlines website enters the details of the destination from where till where one wants to fly, dates of the travel. Number of the people flying and then click on search flights

· From the available options one can select the flight  and the price for the same will also be mentioned once selected click on continue

·  Now you will be shown about the baggage how much one can carry

·  At this point in time the individual will be required to enter the details of the traveler Name , date of birth , free spirit number of the individual has the frequent flyer programe, contact information ,  address   , email address once the details have been successfully entered

Spirit Airlines Customer Service

To get the conformation through all what the individual is required to do is make the payment from the available options and to seek more clarification one can call Spirit Airlines Customer Service Phone Number

Contact For More Details


(801) 401-2222


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