How to fix if ATT email not syncing?

Sometimes due to some technical issues, there occurs a situation where you want to send an urgent email but cannot do the same. And you can't figure out the issue with the ATT email account, but the problem is not just with you. Many people face the same issues. 

Whether the ATT Email not syncing or you cannot log in, every issue and error has a solution and can be fixed. Continue with this article to know the solution for your ATT email account's issues you have faced or might ever face. 

Here is the step-by-step solution for all the possible ATT Email errors:

You are not able to Login

This issue is faced by the users very frequently even now. If you ever face an issue while doing Login with the ATT email, then there can be a possibility that you are not following the correct steps to log in to the ATT account. Steps to follow while Login are:

  • Enter your username
  • Type in the password
  • And click on the sign-in option to get started.

You need to enter all the details regarding your username or password correctly. Also, having a solid network is necessary. You will face an issue of  ATT email not syncing if your wifi or net connections are not strong.

ATT email not Syncing with Outlook

If you face an issue on your ATT email not syncing with Outlook that you have set up with Outlook, check whether you have written the correct incoming and outgoing mail server settings. If ATT email is not working even if you have the indeed the correct mails, you can:

  • Run your Outlook in safe mode
  • Enter the correct configurations like IMAP: Incoming (, Outgoing ( 

Sometimes the antivirus also interferes with the smooth working of ATT, and you can also disable that temporarily to check whether your ATT starts working correctly or not.

ATT email not syncing with iPhone

We always tend to have everything on our phones to make the processing of anything easy. Using an ATT account on your iPhone also makes it easy to access the mail services on one go. But sometimes, there may occur an issue where your ATT mail stops working on the iPhone. You need to follow the following steps when the ATT email not syncing with your iPhone.

  • Check whether your iPhone device is connected to the strong network or not. 
  • Remove the ATT account and then re-add it again on a step-by-step basis.
  • Go to the settings and click on "Mail, calendar, and contact). Then you need to tap on an additional account and then tap on others. 
  • After tapping on "add an email account,' you need to enter the required information.
  • For the incoming mail server, select IMAP and enter the necessary details.
  • You need to save all the changes and then restart the device.

Following the above steps, you can quickly solve all the errors and issues you face while working with ATT email. Read out the articles properly to resolve any issues regarding ATT email not syncing.

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