ATT email not syncing with iPhone

Email services are available to transfer and receive emails from the sender with data and information. Although it's very easy to sync ATT email with iPhone, in some situations, there might be some issues or problems. If you are looking for the solution to why is my ATT email not syncing with iPhone? then you must know some of the reasons behind this.

Reasons for email are not syncing on iPhone.

  • Check your internet connectivity.
  • Check notifications on the setting.
  • Ensure fetch new data is on.
  • Enable background app refresh

How to fix ATT email not syncing on iPhone?

There are times people worry about ATT email not syncing with the iPhone due to some reasons. To overcome such a situation, you can follow the below-mentioned methods.

  • First, you must check that your iPhone is connected to Wi-Fi or cellular data. If your internet connectivity is slow, then please reset your network for good internet service.
  • Check the notification of the mail app. If it is off, then just turn it on. You can also choose the ways to show the alerts of your mail app. You would just have to grant permission to allow notification on the mail app.
  • Make sure to check if the option of fetch new data is on from the settings. If it's off, then maybe your iPhone mail will fail to update. Visit the settings section, and under the accounts and password section, tap on fetching new data.
  • If the above-mentioned methods are not working, then you can also try to allow your app to refresh the content by enabling background app refresh. 

Methods to sync ATT email with iPhone

Sometimes despite all favorable situations. People question how do I sync my ATT email on iPhone online? To do so, you can go through the below-written steps.

  • Select the mail app from the home screen on the internet browser through phone or laptop.
  • Choose the Att email provider.
  • Enter your email address in the required section and then select next. Again enter the password and select next.
  • Set the desired account sync option and then click on save.
  • You'll find that your email will now be set up in the mail app.

In a few cases, if you still face difficulty regarding ATT email not syncing with iPhone, then you can contact the customer support executives for support and guidance. You can use the phone number, live chats, and email option to contact the support executives.

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