ATT email not working on iPhone

Nowadays, everyone uses their email from different modes like yahoo, Gmail, ATT, and more. But the problem that they will face while using their phones is that sometimes ATT email not working on iPhone. However, with that, consumers or people feel worried due to this reason. So, are you practicing accessing your mail on your iPhone? However, it would be best if you were required to install and update your setting of the Apple iPhone. In addition, it is the substitute password that you are using to access or login into your email accounts via apple mail on iPhone. 

Thus, now, you can see the steps of fixing the ATT email when it's not working on an iPhone.

Steps of fixing the ATT email on an iPhone

  1. Open the mail app available on your home screen when running your iPhone.
  2. Choose the email vendor you want.
  3. Access your account while entering your official address.
  4. Click on the next and enter your password or security key. Then, go for the next.
  5. Do select your syncing accounting options which you want to sync. 
  6. After that, save it.
  7. However, now your email access in your mail app on the iPhone.

If you want only an account to access your mail on the iPhone, it will redirect to your phone's inbox. However, if you want access to your other accounts set up, go for the mail app screen again.

ATT email stopped working on iPhone

However, ATT email stopped working on your iPhone due to some reasons that are:

  1. Your chrome or browser has some cookies or cache issues that can corrupt your data.
  2. Sometimes it can show some bugs in apps.
  3. Due to a glitch in your server or internet connections.
  4. Changes in Settings are unable to work or access your mail.
  5. Some sign in issues like,
  • Inactivity of the mail account
  • Sometimes, there is no combination of your ID and password.
  • The security key of your mail doesn’t work on the app on your iPhone.
  • Sometimes, these bugs can show the username isn’t found.

Therefore, there are the reasons ( browser bugs, glitch in-network, and unable settings) from which is the reason for not working your ATT mail on your iPhone. It works when you fix it by changing settings, checking the network, and, more importantly, fixing it.

However, now you can see how you can get your ATT mail back on your iPhone. And the fixing steps you can see above.

How do I get my ATT email back on my iPhone? 

Most people feel anxious due to losing their mail from their iPhones and sometimes ATT email not working on iphone. So, don't worry. Here you can see how you get your email back on your iPhone? 

So, if you are an iPhone user and want to access your ATT mail on your phone. Then, 

  • Open the "settings."
  • Choose contacts, mail, and date.
  • Then, press the option of the "add account" and go for the "other."
  • After that, click on "add mail account" and fulfill the crucial ensuing information:
  • Your name
  • Enter the email of the ATT address.
  • Enter the password of your mail.
  • Fill in the description "ATT."
  • Beneath of incoming mail server, choose IMAP and enter the information that is mentioned  below:
  • Enter the hostname of the ATT. Netmail.
  • Enter the username of ATT mail
  • Fill in your email password 
  • In outgoing server mail, write the below-given information:
  • The hostname of ATT mail
  • Username of your mail 
  • Enter the password of your mail.


  • Save it. Then, pick up your present given mail. Then, open SMTP with the outgoing mail server.
  • However, choose the mail server and fill in the required information.


  • SSL: SSL
  • Server Port:465


  • Then, go back and click on the "Advanced" option.
  • You must make sure the following information is available on your screen.
  • SSL: SSL
  • Server port: IMAP your mail of

So, now you are still facing problems regarding ATT email not working on iPhone, make direct contact with the customer service of the ATT email person. And, also get a solution to your problem.

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