Canon Printer Error Code

Canon printer is undoubtedly one of the best printer brands you can come across in the market. It is important to make it certain that you don’t receive any canon printer error code. In case you do, then you can quickly sort it out by yourself. You would need to follow the troubleshooting steps mentioned below for that. The procedure below does not require any professional or a 

After that, the canon printer error code which you were facing will get sorted out in a short time. 

Possible Solutions of Canon Printer Error Code

  • Error code could be visible because the printer is out of paper. If that is the situation then you would need to add a new set of papers to the printer. In that manner, the error would not appear again. 
  • In case you have enough blank papers in the printer. Then you would need to check if the paper is not jammed. Most of the time, the error code you’re receiving is because of the jammed paper. If that happens, then you would need to check the paper alignment. Remove that paper and then put it back in the proper manner. Now you will be able to use your printer without any delay. 
  • The other issue could be the ink cartridge alignment. You will need to check if the cartridge is installed correctly so that you won’t face any problems. In case the cartridge is not aligned correctly, then you will come across the error. Due to this, you can get canon printer error code 5200. 
  • In case your cartridge is running out of ink. Then there is no possibility. You will be able to get the printout of your printer. In this case, you will come across the error code on your printer. To make your printer work again, make sure that you replace the cartridge as soon as possible. 
  • While installing the cartridge, you need to make sure that you remove the protective seal. If you have not removed it, then the cartridge will not be able to produce the ink on the paper. 
  • It could be possible that the current print settings are stopping you from getting the print. Make the right changes to the printer settings. 
  • At times, the cartridge which you buy is not entirely compatible with the printer you’re using. You would need to make sure that you replace it with the compatible one. 

Hopefully, after following these steps, your query regarding the canon printer error code 5100 is sorted out. Enjoy your Canon services.

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