Canon printer not working

Sometimes, it becomes frustrating when your printer does not work properly in between the work. Are you using the canon printer, and it is malfunctioning? If your Canon printer not working, then you do not have to worry. This guide will help you fix your problem.

Following are some ways you can try to fix your Canon printer and can go ahead with your work:

Follow some basic methods

If your printer is not working due to any further reasons, you can try the following basic methods to fix your printer:

  • USB connection: If you are connecting your printer to some USB wire, make sure it is connected properly to both your computer and the printer. You can also use another USB port to connect your computer if it is not working. 
  • Network Of printer: If you are using your printer through some network like a router and a modem, you can check the network connection whether it is connected to your printer or not.
  • Bluetooth: If you have a portable connection of Bluetooth for your printer, then you must check whether it is reading your printer device or not. Ensure that your computer is at an appropriate close distance with the printer.

Check the troubleshooter

To fix your canon printer not working, you can also use the troubleshooter in your windows by the steps below:

  • You have to search for the “troubleshoot” by clicking on your windows and clicking on that option.
  • If you are using windows 10, you have to click the “printer” option and then run the troubleshooter.
  • If you are using windows 7, click on the “use printer” option and follow the instructions given to run the troubleshooter. Then you can fix your printer connection easily.

Update your printer drive

Even after trying various ways to fix your printer, you can update your printer driver. It can also be the reason that your printer is not working if your printer driver is out of date. You must find the correct drivers that will automatically recognize your computer device and not create any interruptions while working.

Canon printer not working on Mac

If in case you are using a Mac device and your Canon printer not working on Mac, you can try resetting your printing system in your device by following the steps below to fix this problem as well:

  • Go to the Apple logo and then to select your printer.
  • Then the menu of the reset printing system will appear in front of you.
  • You have to click on that option, and your printing system will get reset.
  • After resetting your device from your Mac, you can add your printer device again, and it will start showing your printer device name among the active printers.

 That is how you can fix your Canon printer not working on Mac and can use your printer easily.

Canon printer not working after a paper jam

There are various reasons if your printer device does not work, like there can be some connectivity issue or sometimes your Canon printer not working after a paper jam, but there are various ways to fix such problems as well. So, above were some ways you can use and can continue working without any delay. I hope you are resolved with your query.

Canon printer not working with windows

If you are a Canon printer user and for some reason, it stopped working, you can go through the article below which will help you to fix such issues.

If your Canon printer not working with windows, you can follow the steps and ways to fix your printer troubles so that you will be able to access your printer again in your windows.

Ways to Fix

  • Check the network connection that you have with your printer and desktop device. A poor internet connection can be the reason for your printer to give errors.
  • Reset all the customized settings on your printer device and set it as a default one.
  • Install the latest version of your printer device and try using it again.
  • Check the USB cord connected to your desktop and printer.
  • Restart both the devices, your computer device as well as the printer device.

So, these are the steps you can use to fix if your canon printer not working with windows. For further assistance, you can contact the nearest technical stores of the canon. Also, you can contact the customer service of the canon.

Canon Printer Not Working on Wifi?

If you wish to get a canon printer, you are easily able to get connected through the canon printer not working on wifi, and you do have to make sure its services are fully available as per the desires of the customers. 

Part 1:- Connect my Canon Printer to my Wifi

You can easily connect the canon printer to my wifi and get its services within a given period of time. 

  • Press the power button to turn on your printer. 
  • Press the settings button. Then press the arrow button and go to device settings, Press k. 
  • Press the arrow button, which is located next to its services, until you can see LAN settings, Press ok. 
  • Press the arrow button until you go to the wireless LAN setup Press ok. 
  • Press the arrow button to find the wifi network and then press ok 
  • Enter your password for the wifi and Press ok.

You do have to make sure the Canon printer not working on wifi and do get a solution to all your needs and do make sure you will be able to get the most effective services, and your printer will be connected to its services.   

Canon printer not working after refilling ink

People worldwide cannot imagine their work without computers and printers in the technological era. Customers buy expensive computers and printers to do their work. There can be some errors that users can face, like a canon printer not working after refilling ink. Some common errors and damages can happen to every printer, and users have to fix them. In some cases, users are usually unaware of the errors.

Tips to fix the error on Canon printer:

There are different problems that users can face, and they are as follows:

  • Connection error:

The passengers can fix the error by looking at the wi-fi connection if the printer is connected correctly to the co0nnection and devices they want to use to get printed out. You can look at the printer to see if there is an icon that will show whether the printer is connected to the wi-fi connection or not.

  • Update device:

Usually, the user can face problems when the devices are not updated or the application connects to the printer. You have to visit the play store of your device and update the application. It will enable the printer to get connected to the device and fix the error.

The users can follow many more tips, but the best and easy methods are given above. You can contact the printer repair person to fix the error. 

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