Edge browser not responding

Microsoft Edge is the cross-platform web browser that is powered & developed by Microsoft. This service is released for Windows 10 & Xbox one, windows 11, windows 10 mobile etc. In some cases, it has been noticed that the edge browser stops from functioning properly & the users are facing issues & problems while they operate the edge browser services.

So if you are getting trouble, then here are some points that will explain why you are not able to operate Edge browser not responding, within your devices & the browser is stopping every single time when you open it for the operations.

So here are the bullet points for your reference, so for once go through these points;

  • The browsing history might be full 
  • The cookies & cache might be full with inefficient processes
  • Or it might be the issue occurs due to many tabs, extensions & apps that are opened in the browser
  • Malware might be piled up in your browser
  • The Microsoft Edge might not be up to date with all the latest update portions.

So, these could be the most common issues that might be faced from your side at the edge browser.

Edge browser not working with VPN

However, while you use the VPN, sometimes the edge browser stops functioning with the help of the VPN that you use for your operations. So to resolve the issue of Edge browser not working with VPN, you must go through the easiest points that will definitely help you in your problem resolving.

Here are those steps for your reference, so go through these simple steps;

  • First of all, you need to open the settings app
  • Then you will access on network & internet
  • Therein you will select the change adapter option
  • Now you will have to right-click on your VPN adapter & click on properties
  • Here you will access its networking tab
  • After this, select Internet Protocol version 4 for accessing
  • Then click on properties
  • Now in the new window, click on the advanced button
  • Now you will also have to make sure that you use the default gateway on the remote network.

Therefore, by following these simple & easy steps, you can efficiently get VPN again operational for your edge browser service on your device.

How do I reset Microsoft Edge browser?

However, suppose you are getting trouble performing the task of how do I reset Microsoft Edge browser. In that case, you can approach the option of contacting the live customer service team executive for your help & assistance. The representatives will provide you with appropriate tips & methods to resolve your queries & their services are 24*7 active for customers.

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