Epson Printer not working

Despite the fact that the Epson printer delivers good prints, it may occasionally malfunction and cause printing errors. At home, you might attempt a few ways to correct the small problem. Users of Epson printers may experience printing difficulties from time to time, which may be addressed using a few different techniques. If you have an Epson printer and are experiencing printing problems, you're probably seeking for ways to fix it. To find out how to fix when your Epson Printer not working continue reading.

Epson printer not working with Mac

If your Epson printer not working with Mac, you'll need to take a few steps to solve the problem. Please read the information below to discover how to fix an Epson printer issue on a Mac.

Turn on Printing Mode

  • In certain situations, you'll connect the printer and Mac, but neglect to verify whether the printing mode is on or off.
  • If printing mode is on, it's conceivable that your printer is having issues with cable connections, WIFI range, and so on.

Update Printer drivers

  • Ensure that the printer software drivers are up to date and compatible with your Mac device.
  • Or you can download the Epson Printer driver latest version for Mac, from its official website.

Restart both devices

  • If the printer continues to not print and the Mac device displays a connection issue, you will have to restart both of them.
  • After that, wait a few minutes before reconnecting the printer to your Mac to see whether it works.

Epson printer not working on WIFI

Epson printer not working on WIFI is also a common problem that may be easily resolved. You may learn how to solve Epson printer problem on WIFI from the methods provided below.

Change Printer's Location

  • You might expect your Epson printer to be unable to connect with WIFI due to weak signal strength.
  • Attempt to move your device closer to the router by changing its position. Connect that to the WIFI router after the signal strength improves.

Restart the printer and router

  • Disconnect your router and take a minute to wait then finally, connect your router.
  • After that, take a minute to unplug your Epson printer then connect it once more.
  • Finally begin the process of configuring your printer's WIFI.

The instructions mentioned above about how to solve Epson Printer not working on Mac or with WIFI give the most efficient ways to get rid of the issue. If your Epson printer is still having problems, you may contact a technical expert to learn how to fix it.

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