Facebook app not working

Facebook has become the world’s social networking website of choice. It is, by far, the most popular, with over two and half billion active users as of July twenty-twenty one. A lot of you are using Facebook to communicate with just about everyone you know. This is why running across bugs and issues may prove to be more than an annoyance leading to Facebook app not working. This page comprises a list of solutions for Facebook not working. Kindly follow the steps provided below-

  • Is Facebook down 

You might not be the only one facing problems with Facebook. If the app is not working for you, maybe it is a bug related issue. You could try checking Facebook by using it on another browser or device and see if it is working elsewhere. You can check on a website Down Detector, which lets you know if there is a problem with Facebook. If there is, there is not much you can do but to wait.

  • Close and restart the app

Try logging out and again logging in through your Facebook app. Remember to type in your correct login credentials; otherwise, you would not be able to log in because of the Facebook app not working issue.

  • Check for app updates

More often than not sometimes having an older version of an application may cause issues. If problems remain, you want to make sure you are running the latest version of the app. Head over to the Apple App Store or any app store you use on your phone and verify for any updates that might be available. Get the latest version and check if Facebook is working or not in case Facebook app not working in iPhone.

  • Need for Restarting the device

Kindly turn off your iPhone and shut it down. After a minute or two, switch on your iPhone. Then try running the Facebook app. There you might see your Facebook issue has been resolved.

  • Internet Connection

Another reason for Facebook not working might be that your internet is down. Try running any other app or website and see if it is working. If it is not, chances are you are having internet issues. Those operating over wifi or LAN need to check the router and see if it is secured to the internet. Probably you should try restarting the router, too, in case of Facebook app not working on wifi.

Therefore, this is how you can fix your Facebook app if it is not working correctly. 

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