Facebook Live not working

In case users are facing issues such as Facebook live not working, then there are certain things that allow them to get rid of the issues and problems. Facebook offers a plethora of services and Facebook live is one of them. It allows users a scope to display their on-going life events through the Facebook live option.

Influencers across the globe are utilising the live platform to showcase their talents. Every Facebook user utilises the Live option. Having trouble with the same could really impact the performance and smooth function of the Live option. 

Facebook live not working

If you are someone who is having trouble with the live option on Facebook, they have come to the exact right place. In this paper, we are about to share the steps that one may take in order to eradicate all the issues and problems that may hamper your smooth Live Facebook experience. 

So let us consider the quick fixes for Facebook live not working. There are several ways available through which users may rectify the issues and below mentioned is a list through which users may get rid of the Facebook live problems. These are tried and tested steps. 

  • Another web browser. 

One of the best things that users may resort to in case they are having trouble with Facebook live is to run some checks on your web browser. Now, the best way to do this is through trying another browser to run the Facebook application. Here, you can check whether you are able to access the application smoothly or not. If you are able to smoothly access Facebook live then your previous browser was at fault. 

  • Run some checks on your Antivirus.  

Users are advised to run some checks on the Antivirus application that they have installed. The Antivirus could be at fault. It is advised to clear away the firewalls to check whether or not Antivirus is at fault. These are some of the best things that users may do if they would like to terminate the problem with Facebook live chat.

  • Re launch the Facebook application. 

There are things that users may resort to in case they wish to eliminate the issues that are related to Facebook Live chat. If you are an iPad user, then users are required to first delete the application and then install it from the App Store to get rid of Facebook live not working on the iPad.

Facebook live not working on iPhone

In case users are facing Facebook live not working on iPhone, then users are required to force shut down the running application and check whether it has been upgraded or not.

Fix the issue of Facebook live not working on Android

Lately, many Facebook users have faced the issue that their live option is not working. The common reasons can be a slow internet connection, less storage, permissions denied, etc. you can find the problem with some simple steps given in this article. You can also contact the customer support of Facebook to complain about Facebook live not working on Android issues. But before that, let's check the troubleshooting steps below.

Follow the steps to fix the Facebook option not working issue

  • First and foremost, check the internet connection of your device.
  • Ensure that the android is connected with the Wi-Fi or mobile data.
  • After that, open your device's Settings and Allow permissions to Facebook.
  • Check if Facebook is blocked from sharing videos. If yes, then unblock it.
  • Clear the app cache from the settings.
  • Open the browser and remove cache and cookies.

These are some simple troubleshooting tips you can follow to fix the bug of Facebook live not working. However, if the above steps can help you, visit the Help Center of your Facebook account and check the solutions. Furthermore, you can also dial the Facebook phone number and get help from the customer support member at Facebook. 


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