Facebook news feed not working

Facebook is a widely used social media platform that is compatible with any device. Though sometimes users come across the issue and major one among them is new feed is not working. It means they are not able to watch new videos or news. However, there could be different reasons behind the Facebook news feed not working; but still; you can manage this issue on your own. All you need to practice is some method that you can read in this write up.  

Methods to fix Facebook News Feed not working issues 

There are different methods to fix them, and you can choose any one of them that seems suitable to you. 

Reinstall the Facebook application 

If you are using the Facebook mobile application, then you can reinstall it. The main reason behind this is that there are many small glitches that hinder the work of the application. Now, you can easily download it from the mobile application store. Though, if you are using Facebook on browser mode, then you cannot perform this method.

Login again with the correct credential 

It may seem like an easy to direct method, and it is, but still, many people overlook it. Sometimes these issue remains for a short period. It may happen that with the again login, you can solve the problem fast. But, make sure that you remember the latest password and ID; if not, you can set the new one and run this method. 

Free some space in your phone 

If you find it hard to get the solution and looking for How do I get my Facebook news feed back to normal? Then don’t forget to direct this method. Here you have to leave the application and free your device memory. If there is no space,, it may create an obstacle or make running the application slow.

Use strong internet connection

Yes, you might ignore the mobile network or WiFi strength. While playing the videos on Facebook, you need to use a good strength network. With slow internet, you might find it hard to see videos, and even you cannot refresh the feed. So you can check with some other network and see where the issue is. 

Now, you must see Why is my Facebook feed only showing a few posts? So you can direct the above-mentioned ways one by one and see which one works for you. However, if the problem persists, you can contact the support team of Facebook and get a prompt solution. 

Facebook news feed not working on iPhone

Facebook has gained an enormous number of users in very little time with the advancement of its feature and facilities. The chances of getting into trouble with Facebook are very rare, and if you face such a situation, it can be fixed easily by following a few troubleshooting techniques. If you are not sure why the Facebook news feed not working on iPhone, then this page will definitely help you out. Below are the solutions to fix this problem and make your Facebook account work like before. 

Troubleshooting methods to solve facebook feed not working:

  • Check your wifi, LAN, mobile data network are working properly so that Facebook can receive enough signals to work smoothly.
  • Try to refresh your Facebook feed by swiping it down and letting the app itself refresh the feed. 
  • Ensure that the Facebook server is not down, as that could be a reason behind the Facebook feed not loading issue. 
  • Restart your Facebook application or restart your device. 
  • Completely log yourself out of your account and then refresh the page to log in again. 
  • Try to clear out all the stored data and cache on your Facebook app through settings gear. 

At last, Update your Facebook application using the app store, and for any further help, get help from Facebook support.  

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