Facebook not syncing with Instagram

Recently, Facebook has provided the facility to its users to connect their Facebook accounts with Instagram. You might be thinking, why does a user sync their Facebook account with Instagram? When you sync both accounts, you can post photos and videos simultaneously on both accounts. It helps users to get better reach for their accounts. Suppose your Facebook not syncing with Instagram. Te read this article completely and know how to fix it, And what is the reason behind it.

Why is my Facebook not syncing with Instagram?

Syncing a Facebook account with Instagram is quite easy, but sometimes it becomes a big task when Facebook not syncing with Instagram. Before fixing any problem, one should know the reason behind it. So here are the reasons why Facebook is not syncing with Instagram.

  • Weak wifi or mobile data connection: there can be network issues when syncing Facebook with Instagram. So it is advised to check your internet connection while syncing the accounts.
  • Syncing wrong accounts: maybe you are syncing the wrong accounts. There are times when you log in to multiple accounts on your mobile phone, which can create confusion in the accounts you want to sync.
  • Applications are down: when an application is your own, and when you try to sync the accounts, it might show you an error. So it is better to try it when the application is running ok.
  • Applications not updated: when you sync Facebook and Instagram accounts, sometimes it does not sync because both the apps are not updated, so make sure to update the apps with their latest version.
  • Bugs in Facebook: sometimes, it becomes impossible to sync it with Instagram due to bugs in the Facebook application.

How sync Instagram with Facebook?

To share Instagram posts on Facebook, users should sync their Instagram and Facebook accounts. When an Instagram post is shared on Facebook, Facebook sends a notification to your friends. There are very easy steps you can follow to sync both accounts.

  • Open Instagram and Facebook and log in to the accounts you want to sync.
  • Go to your profile on Instagram and click on three horizontal lines on the top right corner of the page.
  • Select the “setting” option from the list and tap on “account.”
  • And now select “linked accounts” and click on “Facebook.”
  • Then again, log in to your Facebook account to confirm.

 Your Facebook account is now linked to Instagram. Now you can post your pictures and videos on Instagram on Facebook. Synchronizing an account with Facebook can help a user to get better reach.

How do I get in touch with Facebook to report a problem?

If you face any difficulty in synchronizing your Facebook account to Instagram or any other problem, you can report the problem to Facebook. Here are the steps that you can follow To report your problem:

  •  Login to your Facebook account. 
  • Then scroll to the bottom of your Facebook page and select the “Report a problem” option. 
  • Next, select the problem you are facing from the list. If your problem is not listed, then you can write it in detail explaining all the measures you took to solve it,
  • You can even attach the screenshot and tap on the submit option. A customer care executive of Facebook with get back to you within twenty-four hours.

 After reading and following the steps given above, you will be able to sync Facebook with Instagram. Check the internet connection, applications update, and bugs if it does not sync.

You can clear the cache of the applications by going to the phone’s setting and then in applications.

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