Many times users may face issues with their Facebook account and as a result, are unable to access their account. If you are someone who is having trouble with Facebook then you have come to the right place. We are about to share a few tips and solutions concerning your Facebook not working on Chrome issue. So without much ado, let's get straight into this. 

What to do if Facebook not working on Chrome?

Users can stick to a few quick fixes for Facebook, not working issues, and can eradicate problems with the Facebook account. 

Facebook live not working on chrome

  • Try a different browser. 

Users can try and run Facebook on another platform or browser to make out the reason for Facebook not working on Chrome. If the Facebook application works on another browser then your browser is at fault and you can perform the required steps to eradicate browser-related issues. Users can use any of the following; Mozilla Firefox or Microsoft Edge to access their Facebook account.

  • Clear cache data and files. 

Users can think of clearing the cache data and files from their system to restore proper functionality with applications such as Facebook, YouTube, etc. Users need to head to the Settings option on Chrome. You can locate the following option; clear browsing data. Make an appropriate selection and hit the clear data option on the page. This will clear all the redundant files from the system to boost performance. 

  • Open in Incognito mode.

Users can access Facebook in the Incognito mode on Chrome if clearing away the cache files is not useful. You can do so by selecting ctrl+shift+N (Windows) or Command+Shift+N (macOS). Once you are in incognito mode, all you have to do is type the Facebook URL in the address bar. If Facebook loads then there could be a problem with any of the following things: Chrome setting, Chrome Flags, installed extensions, or Chrome Apps. 

How do I enable Facebook on Google Chrome?

Users can enable Facebook on Google Chrome via the following ways: 

  • Disable extensions. 

Users must disable all extensions in order to enhance the overall performance of the Facebook application or any other application on Chrome.

  • Reset Browser. 

Users need to perform the browser reset in order to eradicate Facebook not working on Chrome issues. Open your Chrome browser and navigate to the settings options on the page. Select the Advanced option and proceed further. Select the following option: restore settings to their original defaults. Select the Reset settings option on the page. This may take some time. 

  • Flush DNS Tables. 

If you are having trouble with loading Facebook on your web browser or Chrome browser then you can try and flush all DNS tables. The DNS cache can be cleared to restore Facebook functionality. Open Command prompt via the Admin rights and run the following command: ipconfig/flushdns. This will flush the DNS Tables and once the DNS Tables are flushed, you need to restart your device and re-access Facebook on Chrome browser.

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