Facebook not working on iPhone

Are you also having trouble with your Facebook account on your iPhone? Facebook not working on iPhone is one of the common problems every iPhone user faces once in a while. If you are also one of those users and your Facebook account is troubling you, do not worry. Here we have come up with all the best possible causes and solutions that can help you fix these issues.

Fix the problem Facebook not working on iPhone:-

Several reasons can affect your Facebook loading issues. Some of those are a poor internet connection, a loading issue; the app got frozen, etc. Check out the solutions that can help you to resolve any Facebook issues you are having.

Check your internet connections:- 

It’s one of the most common reasons that can affect your Facebook loading. You can open your YouTube to see if the videos are lagging or not. If the problem is with internet connection, you can quickly reset your Wi-Fi router. When connected to the internet, you will see a Wi-Fi status indicator on your iPhone.

Switch from Safari to Official Facebook app:-

If Facebook not working on iPhone safari, you can switch it to the official Facebook app. Safari, although it saves your battery, sometimes it may also restrict your Facebook loading. So, using the official Facebook app and see if it is now working correctly.

Restart your Facebook app:-

Most of the time, your Facebook app gets frozen, or it just doesn’t respond at all. In that case, you can quit your Facebook app and just restart the application again. To do this, you can double-tap the home button (until iPhone 8) or swipe to the middle of the screen, keeping your finger pressed (iPhone X and newer). Now you have to swipe up on the preview of your app to close it entirely.

Reboot your iPhone:-

If you feel re-stating the Facebook app didn’t resolve the issue, you can now reboot your iPhone or say ios of your mobile to fix the issue.

Refresh the App:-

You can refresh your Facebook App to resolve the Facebook not working issue. How do I refresh Facebook on my iPhone? To do this, you can swipe down your news feed to refresh it. Sometimes a simple refresh can fix the Facebook intermittent issues.

Update the Facebook App:-

If you are using the installed Facebook native app, update it via the App store’s Updates tab. You can go to the App store, go to the profile icon, and then available updates. You can update your Facebook app for smooth functioning.

Facebook Not working on iPhone; following the above you can fix the issue. If you still have any issues, you can speak to the customer representative of the iPhone to resolve the issues. 

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