Why is my Gmail not Receiving & Sending Emails

Gmail not Receiving Emails

Today world has turned into a little town where everybody is associated with each other. Industrialization and innovation has totally changed the life on earth. With the progression in innovation the world has totally changed. Email has contributed a lot in the change of this world. Email stands for Electronic Mail. Email is a method for sending, accepting and sharing message. There were days when detachments were utilized to speak with the individual who are a long way from us. After that a period came when letters were utilized to impart. This period was further get progressed with the happening to transmits. After the transmit email came into this world. With these electronic mail individuals sends message in part of seconds. Email is the most exceptional rendition of sending and accepting message. It is the most exceptional rendition of correspondence. by using email we can contact a person who is very much far from us. Since the time immemorial communication has remained the most critical for smooth running of organization and was additionally utilized on the individual premise. Gmail account is the world's most utilized email. Today more than millions are utilizing Gmail on individual and professional platform. Nothing is prefect in this world and Gmail is not an exception. Many of the time users find that their Gmail not receiving emails. In such circumstances user can follow following steps:-

Fix Gmail not receiving some emails

  •  Open your Gmail account.
  • Go to settings.
  • Now click on filter and settings.
  • Now check if POP/IMAP is unaltered.
  •  If anything is enabled in POP then disable that.

Gmail not sending emails

Many of the times users are also unable to send message through their Gmail account. From last few months many people complain that Gmail not sending my emails. This happens because of some miscommunication between Gmail and the mail server and hence the emails get stuck into outbox. To solve this problem user have to check the settings of their Gmail account and inspect it for any alterations. Fix Gmail not sending emails issues by following these steps:-

  • Open setting of Gmail account.
  • Now click on tool menu and select account.
  • Now click on the properties option.
  • Select GENERAL tab.
  • Check that your email address is correct and select Server option.
  • Now login again, you can now send emails.

Gmail not receiving emails from Outlook

Many times you may notice that your Gmail is not receiving emails from outlook. This issue can be caused for various reasons if you are also struggling with the same situation that your Gmail cannot receive emails from outlook. You may follow the below-mentioned tips to get rid of this problem.


  1. Try to open Gmail on web browse- Sometimes it happens Gmail app started creating some problems, so users are advised to open their Gmail account on the web browser. If the outlook emails are shown there, so it’s a problem of version update or app, not anything else.
  2. Enable POP or IMAP setting-Another way to start receiving the emails from outlook is by enabling IMAP or POP settings. By enabling POP or IMAP settings, Gmail began to working correctly.
  3. Check spam folder-users are advised to check their spam folder to get the emails from outlook. It is seen that sometimes mails went to spam folder directly so for the same user need to visit spam folder of the Gmail.

If the user is still facing issues related to Gmail or outlook, that is why Gmail is not receiving emails from outlook. They can directly contact customer care executives of Gmail and outlook.

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