Gmail spell check not working, how to fix?

Gmail is the free email service of Google and a popular choice among many people for personal and professional data preservation. The mail service offers 15GB of storage space and a search-oriented feature that allows you to organize and find any of your emails efficiently. Gmail is an excellent service provider, but specific issues occur and stop the working of Gmail. 

This often happens when people ask queries like their Gmail spell check not working and the methods to fix the issues. Gmail's spell check features a tool that catches any spelling error and auto-corrects it in any personal or professional mail. This feature saves a lot of time and effort for the users and makes their mail look neat and professional. If your Gmail spell checker is not working, there is a possibility that you have disabled it.

Follow the steps given here to fix the Gmail Spell check issue

  • Fix Gmail Spell Checker not working in a window

    • Go to your browser and open your Gmail ID.
    • After login into your Gmail account, click on the compose (+) option on the top left corner of the screen.
    • For any related issue, you can also get in touch with the agent at Gmail on Google Phone Number to get assistance in enabling the Spell checker.
    • When the new message appears, click on the three dots given in the bottom left corner of the New message window.
    • Click on the dots and select the 'Check Spelling' option.
    • This will enable the spell checker of your Gmail account.
    • The spell checker will detect and highlight the misspelled words, correct the words for you, and give you suggestions to complete the sentence in your mail by using the most appropriate words.
    • After composing your email, you need to click on the recheck option to run the spell-checker.
    • Compose the new mail to check if the 'Check Spelling' option of the mail is working.
  • Troubleshoot Gmail Spell Check Not Working In Chrome

    • If you want to have a spell checker on all the web pages you visit or have a problem with it and want it to get resolved.
    • The web pages include all your social media pages, and you can enable the spell checker for Google chrome. 
    • Spell checker is a default setting available in Microsoft Edge.
    • Go to the 'Menu Icon' of Google Chrome, then the dots in the upper right corner.
    • Choose the settings options.
    • Scroll down and click on the 'Advanced' option to get more settings.
    • Scroll down to the language section.
    • And command the switch to enable 'Spell Check.'
    • Choose the 'Enhanced spell check' option. The primary spell check option offers few features.
    • Click on the 'Customize spell check' option.
    • You can enter any word here that you want to be ignored by the spell checker; basically, that will be your vocabulary which you wish to remain the same. 
    • Enter the word, and the spell checker will ignore the spelling error for that word.
    • Once you are down with all the settings, relaunch the Chrome browser, and the spell checker feature will start working for all the websites.
  • Gmail spell checker on a phone 

    • We often use Gmail on our mobile phones to access things quickly.
    • And there's a possibility of Gmail spell check not working in the mobile app.
    • For this, you need to follow the process of making the changes to your website for a spell checker.
    • However, after following the given process, if the issue still didn't get resolved, you can also contact the customer care executive of Gmail and resolve your issue.

 Read out the above-given steps to know the process of fixing the spell checker and any related query to Why Gmail spell check is not working and the methods to resolve it.

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