Google chrome not responding

Would you like to resolve the Google chrome issue? If so, then don't get annoyed as here you will get detailed information on the same. Google Chrome is a popular and secure web browser that is widely used by millions of people all across the globe. Sometimes, the user faces a lot of issues such as freezing, crashing, stopping Chrome but it can be easily resolved. To resolve the issue of Google Chrome not responding issue, you need to follow the below content. 

Get to know the possible reasons for the Google Chrome issue:

There are plenty of reasons for the Google Chrome issue. Go through the below-mentioned reasons.

  • Due to the cache, cookies, and history from Google.
  • Out-dated and faulty Google Chrome app.
  • Feeble internet connection.
  • Due to the antivirus. 

Simple ways to resolve Google Chrome issue:

If you want to fix the Google Chrome not responding issue, you need to follow the below-given ways carefully. 

  • Restart the device: Sometimes, programs that are running on your computer might conflict with Google chrome. One of the simplest ways to resolve the issue is to restart your chrome and device.
  • Turn off the antivirus temporarily: You must disable the antivirus temporarily to resolve the Google Chrome issue. The interference from antivirus can block the opening of chrome. In that case, you need to disable the antivirus and firewall to check if the problem is still there.
  • Reset Google Chrome: Sometimes, the issues also occur when a certain file is corrupted or damaged. You need to fix it and try to reset Google Chrome. 
  • Reset in safe mode: The improper setting can also cause the Google chrome issue. In this case, you need to click on the menu button of chrome then you need to go to the settings and then advance located below, click on the restore settings as default.
  • Reinstall chrome: To fix the issue, you should uninstall the chrome and then reinstall the chrome. 
  • Proper internet connection: The feeble internet connection results in the Google chrome issue. You should have a good internet connection to fix the issue. 
  • Remove browser cache and cookies: You can also try clearing your cache and cookies as it can also fix Google chrome issues.

However, in this way, one can easily fix Google chrome not responding windows 10 issues in a very simple and comfortable manner. If you need further help or have any kind of query, you can freely connect to the customer support team for desired and instant assistance. 

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