Google Docs not working

Is Google Docs not working in your browser, and you're looking for advice on how to get it to work again? Google Docs is an excellent word processor that allows you to create, modify, and easily share. Google Docs may be viewed using a variety of browsers, including Chrome, Safari, and others. However, it may occasionally display an error and stop working. Please read the information below if you need to know how to repair Google Docs not working.

How to fix when Google Docs not working in Chrome?

The Chrome browser can be used to access Google Docs, however there are instances when it will not function. The solutions to the problem of Google Docs not working in Chrome can be found below.

Reopen Google Docs in Chrome

  • Some minor difficulties might be compromising with Chrome's performance and stopping Google Docs from working right.
  • If this is the case, you can exit Google Docs and reopen it to check if the problem has been fixed.

Check your internet connectivity

  • If you're having problems opening Google Docs on Chrome, first check your internet access. A faulty connection could be the root of issue.
  • By visiting a webpage on Chrome, you can see if your internet is problematic. Then you must switch to a more stable network right immediately.

How to fix when Google Docs not working in Safari?

Safari browser provides quick access to Google Docs, however it may occasionally display an error that prevents it from working. The solutions to the Google Docs not working in Safari are shown below.

Delete browsing history in Safari

  • To delete the cache and cookies from your Safari browser, go to its settings.
  • Then navigate to the browsing history and choose a time period for removing data.
  • Finally press the delete button to get rid of all the cache and cookies you've selected.

Safari browser need to update

  • If you're using an older version of Safari, it's possible that Google Docs won't work.
  • As a result, make sure you have the most recent version of Safari installed on your device.
  • Afterwards try opening Google docs in Safari again to see if it works this time.

The entire facts about Google Docs not working in browsers like Chrome and Safari, as well as details on how to fix the problem, are provided above. Furthermore, if you are still seeing the Google Docs issue on your browser, please contact the customer care staff for assistance.

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