Fix Google Drive not syncing with different devices

People share and store many files throughout the day, especially students and the working population. If the option to save all the data gathered throughout the day was an easy, everyday option, the world would have probably spent more time developing other technology than safe and easily accessible data storage space. But that is not the case, and regularly storing data in a safe environment is a very important service. This is the Google Drive service, and when you see that your Google drive not syncing with your devices, then there is a huge problem. The whole population unknowingly or unknowingly is using this feature. People have all the Google accounts connected and synced with one another; hence, every time someone gets a new file, folder, or document, on any device, it is automatically uploaded to the Google drive. So it is safe to say that with time people have completely stopped using other modes of storage services and completely depend on online Google storage. You could be using this feature on your android device, iOS device, or windows, and if currently you are unable to access your drives or keep them synced, you can try the mentioned remedies.

Google Drive not syncing on Android phone

This could be an android phone or any other device. One by one, try these tips and see if something can be done.

  • When you troubleshoot such problems, you should always ensure your internet is not the real culprit here. If it's working fine, then proceed to check other options.
  • Restart your phone. Certain apps may glitch or freeze and prevent further functioning. Restarting will clear all the stuck processes.
  • It is possible you skipped the sync option during installation or starting your device. Go to the setting of your Google account and enable sync. 
  • The cloud storage is getting heavier and heavier every day; your connection with the database could glitch. To restore it, just refresh the app. 
  • Enable transfer of data through your mobile phone. When you see Google drive not syncing over wi-fi, allow the data to take over.
  • Update the app.
  • You can disable the battery-saving mode as it stops all the background processes. 
  • Clear cache data.
  • Uninstall the drive, then reinstall and carefully repeat the set-up.

Google Drive not syncing on Windows

Much of the process is the same as before. If you are sure about your internet connection, proceed with the following.

  • As always preferred, it is better to uninstall and install the drive.
  • Change the language to English if you use another language. Then restart your computer, fill in your details, log into the drive one more time with English as your language, then change back to your preferred language.
  • If you have multiple antivirus and firewall software, turn them off and try to see which one is disrupting sync. 
  • Try to clean the storage. It is also possible you ran out of storage. 
  • Reinstall the app and then run it as 'Administrator.' 

Google Drive not syncing on Mac

Check out these remedies to sync drive to your mac.

  • First of all, quit the app, refresh your desktop and then reopen the app. Glitches are common when too much is running on your desktop.
  • Pause the sync process and restart it.
  • Reboot the desktop. Sometimes a simple refresh is not enough to push the stuck application and processes.
  • The mac iOS comes with a special script bundle related to sync operation. Running it can solace most of the sync problems. Open 'Application' through the finder, go to 'Content' then macOS, and run the 'Backup and Sync'.
  • When you notice Google drive not syncing, you can try to disable the proxy connection. 
  • Reinstall the 'Backup & Sync' package.

If the problem persists, please contact the respective tech support team. It is better to ask professionals than mess up your system.

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