Google Maps not working on Android

How can I resolve the Google Maps not working issue

Google Maps is a web mapping service that enables the users to get routes to their destinations. The app not only provides a map or route to a location but also it facilitates the users to know the surroundings of that area. You can explore the stores, companies, local shops, restaurants and much more. Its user-friendly interface helps the user to access its services without much of a stretch. In addition, somehow a user face any problem to get location or Google Maps not working issue appears the user can contact to its customer service. If you are facing trouble with the Google Maps app then you should read this article to resolve the issue.

Google Maps not working on Android device

First of all, you need to go to the Settings in your Android device.

Then go to the Applications and go to the Google Maps application.

As you go to the Google Maps app, you need to click on the Clear App Data.

After clearing the data, you need to turn off your mobile and restart it again.

Now you can enjoy the Google Maps services without any glitch. Further, if the issue of google maps not working on android would not be resolved then you should contact the Google customer service.

Google Maps not working on iPhone

In the first place, you should Turn Off and then Turn On the location service on your iPhone.

Then set your iPhone in Airplane Mode and then Turn it Off.

Moreover, you should go to Settings and choose General in which go to Date & Time and set it on 'Automatically'.

Further, you can reset your Network Settings in order to resolve your query that Google Maps not working on iPhone.

In addition, if all the things are not working your favour then you should restart your iPhone by pressing Lock Key and the Home Key simultaneously until you see Apple logo on the screen.

Besides, you can call on the Google Maps customer service number if you face any difficulty in using the Google Maps application.

How to Reset Google Maps on Android

Google does provide its services to all its customers at times. The following ways will help you how one can reset google maps on android.

  • Firstly, one has access settings in your android smartphone or tablet.
  • Choose apps.
  • Choose the app used by the default to access maps/routes/navigation in the list of apps.
  • One has to select the launch by default function
  • The open compatible links option can always be personalized to ask to open in this application.
  • Do clear the defaults and reset all actions which will be defined by default on such apps. Reset preferences.
  • Do access settings on an android smartphone or tablet.
  • Select apps.
  • In the menu at the top right of the screen, do choose reset preferences.
  • A confirmation message alerts you of the consequences of the reset app 

Background data restrictions for apps. 

  • Disabled apps.
  • Disable app notifications.
  • Default apps for actions.
  • Permission restrictions on app 

The ways mentioned above will help you reset Google Maps on Android, which will help you know what programs are used to do, which provides the assistance one requires, and one can easily reset Google maps on android. It will help to have access freely the Google map. 

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