How to add security questions to Gmail?

In order to add the security questions to the Gmail you have to follow the steps that are written below with a lot much concern:-

  • here you have to first of all click on the gear icon that is placed at the top of the gmail page.
  • And then you just need to select the mail settings option followed by clicking on the accounts and import option.
  • After that you just need to click on the change password recovery options by going in to the change account settings section.
  • And then after that you just need to click on the option that is presented under security questions.
  • And then you just need to complete the form followed by clicking on the save the changes option.

Once you follow all these things you are done with the process, you will see that there are a number of ways by which you can follow some best ways to keep the google accounts safe. So you always have a number of other alternatives as well that you can easily follow in order to secure your accounts and let it work in the proper manner. So never take any tension about any thing simply reach the right people so that you can get the right guidance in no time. Reaching the person is really important since this will let to the saving of the time

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