How to fix error 1203 on Lexmark printer?

Are you facing difficulty while operating your Lexmark printer? Well, some technical error might disturb your printer's function properly. The most common error that your Lexmark printer may encounter is error 1203. You need to fix this error by applying some quick fixes. Now, you will think about how to fix error 1203 on Lexmark printer, which is a common question. So, to resolve this 1203 error, you need to carry some essentials steps. The steps will aid you in overcoming this error instantly.

Steps to overcome error 1203 on Lexmark printer

Once you encounter error 1203 on your Lexmark printer, the next step you have to take is to go for its quick fixes. To get the answer to how to fix error 1203 on Lexmark printer, you need to carry forward some steps. Here are the steps for you that you need to perform. Check them out.

  • First of all, you need to switch on your Lexmark printer, where you have to remove the cartridge carefully.
  • To do so, pull up the control panel of your printer and open the access door to the cartridge.
  • Now, take out the cartridge and turn off your printer.
  • Again turn it on and install the cartridge again.
  • To do this, you have to insert the color and black cartridge separately.
  • On the left side, insert the color one, and on the right side, insert the black one.
  • Make sure the cartridge you inserted is in the correct place.
  • Now, you can check the panel to ensure that error 1203 is eliminated.
  • If the error persists, you need to clean the cartridge.
  • If you see a message asking to place the cartridge, then insert it again.
  • After doing so, check the panel that whether the error 1203 is still there or not.
  • If the panel showing the error, then again repeat the steps mentioned above.
  • But this time, you need to insert the cartridge one at a time.
  • At first, insert the color one, and after that, go for the black one.
  • Make sure you insert the cartridge very carefully and close the access door of it.
  • Sometimes, if the door is not closed correctly, it might show an error.

The steps mentioned above will indeed resolve the Lexmark printer error 1203. Now, you must answer how to fix error 1203 on Lexmark printer, whose answer is given here. For any issue, get in touch with the Lexmark printer customer service and get a proper solution.    

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