How to recover Gmail password through Facebook account

Recover gmail password using Facebook account 

In case you have lost your Gmail password and you are looking for information about its recovery through a Facebook account then stay on this page to know more. Facebook users can recover a forgotten password by receiving a code in a registered Gmail account, likewise, people think that the same is possible in reverse too. But the same service in other situations is not possible officially. More specific details regarding how to recover Gmail password through Facebook account are as explained on this page.

How to access Gmail account through Facebook

As mentioned above the recovery of a forgotten Gmail password using Facebook account is not likely possible as in the contrary situation. Therefore, instead on focusing to recover Gmail password through Facebook account you should learn the other method for the same, as further explained below:

  • First of all, access the official website of Gmail on a webs browser
  • Then you require to submit the registered user ID of your Gmail account
  • Further press next button and you will be asked to enter your old Gmail password
  • Next you can type any old password of Gmail if remembered otherwise tap on Try another way
  • On next page you have to choose call or SMS option to receive a code in registered mobile
  • After that, you will get a code from Gmail in your mobile within a few seconds
  • Then submit the same code carefully on the Gmail recovery page and proceed
  • Hereafter, you will get redirected to the password reset window for recovery
  • In case your registered mobile number is not in use, select I don’t have my phone tab
  • Then on the next page you will get option for receiving a code in your recovery email
  •  After that hit the send button to get code and access your recovery email instantly
  • Then check your recent emails and grab the code Gmail has send for password recovery
  • Hereafter, you need to submit same code on recovery window and get moved to reset page
  • At last, on the password reset page set a new password for your Gmail account and save it

Therefore, rather than learning to recover Gmail password through Facebook account, following the above explained procedure is a more suitable option at the same time possible too. Besides in case of any other difficulty you can also get assistance from a technical person by contacting the customer care center of Gmail.

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