Microsoft Edge browser not working

If you are using Microsoft Edge and it’s not working for some reason. Do not worry about it; the information below will help you and update you in this regard. Let’s go into detail and understand why is the Microsoft Edge browser not working and how to fix this?

Why is Microsoft edge not working?

Though many reasons can affect the Microsoft edge working, the two major problems are 

  1. The edge browser don’t get launched
  2. The edge browser crashed after the launch

Fix the Microsoft edge not working issue

Clear the caches and cookies of your Browser: - Whenever Microsoft edge Browser Not working, the first step is always clear your cache and cookies. To clear cookies, you can perform the steps below.

At first, go to the menu and then the setting option

Click on the tab Privacy, search and service on the left panel

Click on the choose what to clear option under section Clearing Browser data

The next step is to check the cookies, caches, and other required radio boxes and hit the tab clear now. At this stage, set the time range on the screen to all time

Once you clear the caches and cookies, your Browser will start working

Install the latest window update if available

It often happens that you kept on using the older version and forgot to update your window. And sometimes, you disable the auto-update feature. So, in that case, you can use the procedure below to update your window.

  1. At first select Windows key + I to open the setting on your system
  2. Now click on the tab that states update and security
  3. Click on the button Updates and security

Microsoft Edge Browser not working after the update

At this stage, if there will be any update available, your system will automatically download them and install during reboot step. If your Microsoft Edge Browser not working after the update, you can follow the other options given below.

Close other apps and extensions

There are times when your computers don’t have any free space. In that case, also the Microsoft edge stat creating a problem. So, you have to close all the apps to free some space, except the one you are using. 

Check your internet connections 

If your router is not working, you can switch it off and turn it back to see if it has fixed the issue.

Microsoft Edge browser not working in Windows 10

Reset Microsoft edge setting

If the Microsoft Edge browser not working in Windows 10, you can also reset your edge setting by following the steps below.

At first, locate the setting >Reset setting>Restore setting to the default value> Reset.

So you can use the options above to mix your Microsoft edge browser issue. In case you face any further issues, you can also speak to the customer support team of Microsoft.

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