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Guide To Change Netflix Password On An iPhone Device

Netflix has become an essential source for entertainment for everyone who wishes to stream their favorite shows and movies online. However, every user has to mandatorily use his/her login credentials such as username and password to get access to the Netflix account. Now if they forget or want to change their account password especially on an iPhone device then they sometimes face confusion while changing password.

So, if you have been using your Netflix account on an Apple device then here’s how to change Netflix password on iPhone.

Steps To Change Netflix Password On An Iphone Device

  • Since, due to some bug issues, users cannot find the “More” option in their Netflix application, hence, they’ll need to use the web browser for Netflix change password. Here’s how.
  •  In your iPhone, navigate to its web browser and use it to visit the Netflix account helper page
  •  Get access to your Netflix account and then move to the More option at the bottom right
  •  Next, select the Account option and then select Change Password
  •  Here enter the current password of your Netflix account and then the new one as per your wish
  •  Save the changes by tapping the Save button and then again login to your account

In case, if you have forgot your current password then read the steps on Netflix change password mentioned below.

Changing Netflix Account Password Via Phone Number When You Have Forgot Your Password

The following steps on Netflix change password will help you get back your account.

  •  Visit
  •  In your iPhone, navigate to the Netflix login helper page
  •  Next, choose the password reset via Text Message option and then enter the phone number that is linked with your Netflix account
  •  Select the Text Me option and then you’ll receive a verification code on your phone number
  •  Enter the code for resetting your password. However, you must remember the code is only active till 20 minutes.

Hence, you should be able to change your Netflix password without any hassle. Moreover, contact tech-support to get any further assistance on Netflix change password.

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