How to fix the issue of Outlook is not connecting to server? 

In our everyday life, Microsoft Outlook is considered as an important part because on its basis we send and receive email. There are many users of other email service providers, who have moved to outlook, for example - Hotmail users. 

One of the most common issues users of outlook face is the “Server connectivity issue”. So, if in case you are facing the issue of server connectivity and you’re thinking, “Why Outlook is not connecting to server?” Then you just need to follow the below-mentioned solutions. 

Outlook is Not Connecting to Server

Restart (Solution 1):

The first thing you need to do regarding you this error is that you would need to restart your computer. Even if you call a professional for help, then he will also do the same thing, because there are so many things which run in the background of the computer, that you never know what causes issue. So a restart might clear the issue. 

Check the internet connection (Solution 2):

You might be thinking that this cannot be the right solution. However, as a computer user you might ignore the simplest things and focus on the complicated ones. Most of the time our computer does not face any issue, so we tend to take it for granted. So, check the internet connection and the server issue might get sorted. 

Update the outlook (Solution 3):

Most of the time, the outlook would automatically. This automated process will make sure that you have the latest version, and there are no issues of bugs. However, in case your update didn’t happen automatically, then you would need to do it by yourself. 

You can update your Outlook to the latest version: 

  • Navigate to file. 
  • Then go to file. 
  • You will see the option to update on the right-hand side of the screen. 
  • Click on that and windows will install the updates. 

Outlook needs to be repaired (Solution 4):

 Microsoft Outlook has the ability to repair itself. That is one of the best features of Outlook. In case of a server issue, you should really consider using that option. Just follow the below-mentioned steps and then you’ll be able to get it repaired:

  • Go to “file”. 
  •  Click on “info”. 
  • Select “account and social network settings”. 
  • You would need to select your account now, and select the repair option mentioned above it. 
  • You would need to confirm your selection. Enter the password of your account, if that would be asked. 
  • Once the repairing process would start, then your account will be totally fixed. In case, it cannot be fixed, then also, it’ll provide you the solution for it, so that you can get it fixed by other means. 

I hope the above-mentioned steps were able to sort out your query. Enjoy your Outlook service.

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