Detailed Guide to Fix Outlook search not working

Outlook, which was earlier known as Hotmail, is a part of the Microsoft group and is a free web mailing service provider. It provides web mailing services, calendar services, maintaining and managing contacts, various news and entertainment services as well. Outlook is affiliated to all the Microsoft and Windows products as Windows is a part of Microsoft as well.

Outlook also provides a free search engine that allows its users to search worldwide over the internet for any indefinite thing. If you use Outlook regularly and one fine day you face the problem of Outlook search not working, no need to worry as we’ve got you covered; the points mentioned below will help you to get rid of the problem of Outlook search not working, no matter what device you use;

Outlook search not working Windows 10

If you use your system on the operating software of Windows 10 and Outlook search is not working on your device, then go through the points listed to get a better understanding of how to get rid of the problem you are facing;

Quick Fix- A quick fix can efficiently resolve the problems you are facing with Outlook without even losing your account data.

  • Press the ‘Windows Key’ on your Desktop PC or Laptop,
  • The windows menu will open.
  • Locate and go to the section of ‘Control Panel.’
  • Now navigate to the Programs section and click on ‘Programs and Features.’
  • Now select Outlook from the list of the programs you have in your system.
  • Locate and click on the option of ‘Repair’ present in the header section of the drop-down menu.
  • Don’t turn off your system when the repair is running.
  • It will complete after a while, and then try to search for your outlook search option.

Rebuild- Rebuild is an option where you’d have to rebuild the search index of Outlook.

  • Open Outlook and click on the option of ‘File menu.’
  • Now click on the option of ‘Search’ and go to ‘Indexing Options.’
  • Go to the Advanced section of the menu.
  • A repair option will be shown that will rebuild the application only.
  • Click on that and wait for the procedure to get finished.

Thus, the problem of Outlook search not working windows 10 can be cleared out with the help of following the steps mentioned above, and one can quickly get a resolution on their own.

Outlook search not working on Mac

If you use the services provided by Outlook on your MAC and the Outlook search is not working, then go through the steps mentioned below;

  • No Special characters- Make sure that the profile name on your Outlook doesn't have any special characters. If you use the Outlook search service on your MAC, then do not use any special characters in your profile name as it might lag due to that, which leads to interrupted performance.
  • Updates- Check for the application updates as sometimes, due to a new update, the older version doesn’t work correctly. The procedure is not the same anymore, and it is not supported by the service provider.
  • Delete your profile and add it again- If nothing works, then just delete the profile from your MAC and add it again as a new user. It will help you to reset all the settings and start again from a default status.

Henceforth, the problem of Outlook search not working on mac can be resolved by following the steps mentioned above, and one can instantly use all the services provided by Outlook after going through the resolution procedure in a hassle-free manner.

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