Safari browser not working

Safari browser provides the best results and relevant searches. But sometimes, while using this, users face some issues, and they find that Safari browser not working on their system. Though it is not a big deal, you can easily resolve the issue and start using this again with some small methods. You can read about the solution below, and you can check them one by one and see which one is working. 

What are the ways to fix the Safari Browser not working issues?

Check for updates 

If you are using the Safari browser on iPhone, then you might face Safari browser not working on iPhone due to this reason. Still, you can look for the updates on the store, and if there is any update available, then you can continue and let the browser update. If not, then you can try with the rest of the methods to solve the issue fast. 

Add too many extensions on Safari Browser 

You know that adding an extension to the browser makes it easy to use, and you can access the product fast. But, sometimes person forgets to remove them, which are no longer in use. It leads to add many extensions that slow down the process of running the browser. You can check for the extension and remove them which have no use for you. 

Reinstallation of Safari Browser 

There are many such situations that occur when the person uses the correct ID and password, but still, it is not working. In this instance, one can opt for reinstallation; with this, you can remove the small glitches as a technical fault. It may take time, but you can do this to save yourself from running a more complex process. 

Check for software updates on your device 

If you are continuously facing the issue of even Safari browser not working on Macyou should go with the software update. Many such software needs to update in a particular period, and if they don’t update, then the device run slow and influence the working of other applications. You can go with the system update and check that what kind of software is needed to be updated.

Search on the incognito mode of Safari browser 

It is quite a basic way to check why the safari is not working on the device. Sometimes system stores some cookies and cache for providing you with the better results. But, many of you must be aware of the fact that it affects the overall function of the safari browser and evens lower down the working of other application too.

To manage this issue, you can search on the private window of Safari and see it is working or not. If it is, then you can remove the cache and cookies from the browser and then use it for new searches. 

This could be the most obvious reason behind Safari browser not working. If the problem still persists, then you can go with the support team and find more advanced solutions. You can interact with the person in various ways; select one that is comfortable to you. 

Safari browser not working on iPhone

There are times when you need to use different browsers on your device for various purposes. If you are trying to use the Safari browser on your iPhone and it is not working, you can take the help of this article.

How can I fix the issue of Safari browsers not working on iPhone?

  • You need to check and reset the cellular settings of your mobile for the safari browser.
  • If the data access is off for Safari, you need to turn it on.
  • You should also give Safari access to operate on your iPhone from the Settings.
  • You need to update the Safari browser on your mobile for efficient functioning.
  • There are cases when experimental features are turned on for some apps. You need to turn it off from the General Settings of the iPhone. 
  • You can also go to the safari browser settings and clear all the cache to make enough storage for proper functioning.

So, these are some guidelines you need to follow to resolve the issue of Safari browser not working on iPhone. If you can't fix the issue on your own, you can take the help of the customer representative of Safari. You will get the contact details on the support page of Safari, where you can get some more troubleshooting ideas for this issue.

Safari browser not working on Mac

Safari internet browser works on Mac devices to search important stuff quickly, but sometimes, it does not open due to some technical fault. If you notice that the Safari browser not working on Mac and your search page is not loading which you try to load, must identify the cause of the issue and find a clue to fix it soon.

How to fix when Safari browser is not working on Mac?

It is essential to check the settings of your Safari internet browser that stops the internet from working fine. You need to reset the settings and do some other thing to fix it quickly. Let's fix it now.

  • First, turn on the Safari internet browser and try to load it. If you notice an error, ensure data is on and reload the page.
  • You can press Command-R to work it, but if showing an error, click Command-Q to quiet the Safari browser and reopen it.
  • Reset the network settings and reopen the Safari internet browser, and press Option-command-Esc to force quit eventually.

If you still face the same trouble and the Safari browser not working on Mac, contact its customer representative team, assist you at the right time. 


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