Troubleshooting steps to fix Yahoo mail not receiving emails! 

There are times when users complain about their Yahoo email not working properly. Being one of the important search engines and email service providers, Yahoo has many users who use Yahoo mail services. They have a Yahoo account which allows them to communicate easily. However, some of the users face the problem of their Yahoo mail not receiving emails. There could be many reasons behind that, like slow internet connection, corrupt files, etc. If you want to fix the issues on your device, you can check the troubleshooting steps given below in this article.

How can I fix the issue of Yahoo mail not receiving emails?

Before fixing the problem of Yahoo mail not working properly, you need to know the reasons behind the issue. Some of the common factors behind Yahoo mail malfunctioning could be

  • Slow internet connection
  • Account issues
  • Device interruptions
  • Incorrect username or passwords

Below are some troubleshooting steps you can follow and resume the work on Yahoo email on Android, iPhone, or other devices. The steps are:

Check the internet connection: If your Yahoo mail stops working on your device, you need to check the router and internet connection of the device. If you face the Yahoo mail not receiving emails on Android or iPhone and use mobile data to operate the mail, you should-

  • Open the settings in your device
  • Select the Network settings option
  • Scroll down to tap on the Data Usage
  • Allow Yahoo mail to use mobile data.

Clear the Cache: If your device has no space to run the app, you need to clear the cache from your device. You can find the Clear cache option in the Settings of your device.

Check the spam folder: If you do not receive particular emails, you can check the Spam folder of your device. Unblock or filter the emails from the genuine senders.

Update your device: If you encounter the issue of Yahoo mail not receiving emails on iPhone or Android devices, you should update the operating system. The updates for your device are available in the Settings option at the bottom of the screen. 

Update the app: You need to update Yahoo mail regularly and not wait until the deadline. Updating the app helps you see all the new features, and the updates fix all the existing issues. Some of the platforms where you can find the updates are

  • Apple Store
  • Google Play Store

Reset the Yahoo mail app in the device: If the above steps don't help you, sign out your Yahoo account from the device and log in again. You can also reset the password of your Yahoo mail if required.

So, these are some troubleshooting steps that can help you fix the problem of Yahoo mail not working properly. If you have tried all the steps mentioned above and still face the same problem, you can contact the customer representative of Yahoo. The live person can help you fix the problem of Yahoo mail not receiving emails. Yahoo also provides many troubleshooting steps on its support page that you can check. Apart from this, you can check the community page and get the smooth functioning of Yahoo mail.

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