Yahoo Not Working on Android 

What To Do When Yahoo Mail Is Unable To Work On Android

Yahoo accounts are quite known for their exceptional services an in-main feature. Along with that, Yahoo accounts are always listed on the top email account list in the world and millions of users have made them the part of their personal and professional lives. Yahoo has made it easier for its users to handle their account via its Android application. They can easily search mails in their mailbox, customize them and their account among other things. They can also enjoy app’s major feature to view news and other updates across the world.

But there are various reasons that may cause issues and result Yahoo mail not working properly on the user’s Android devices. However, many of them are recoverable and can be easily done by the users themselves. So, if you are also using your Yahoo mail on an Android device then here’ what you can do to troubleshoot issues with your Android email application.

Yahoo Mail Not Working

Top Ways To Fix Yahoo Mail Not Able To Work Issues

The following ways will help you to get rid of Yahoo mail app issues on your Android device.

Update The Yahoo Mail Applications

To do this,

  • Navigate to the Play Store app in your Android device and then go to the menu section
  • Now, head to the My apps & games section and then look for the Yahoo mail app
  • Hereafter, select the Update button to update the Yahoo app (if the update is available)

Clear The Yahoo Mail App’s Cache

To do this,

  • In your Android settings, go to the Apps section
  • Look for the Yahoo mail app and then select it
  • Now, hit the Cache option and then tap on the clear data option
  • Next, restart your App and see if it is working properly

Add A Recovery Phone Number

If you are using the Yahoo mail application on the same android device but you have changed the number in your account then you’ll have to add a recovery phone number. Here’ how.

  •  Open your Yahoo mail account on the web browser and then switch to the settings page
  •  Now, select your existing number and then hit the ‘Add recovery phone number’ option
  •  Here, enter your new mobile number and then select the ‘Send SMS’ button
  •  Now, get the security code and then select the ‘Verify’ option
  •  Moreover, change the new number in your Yahoo mail Android app as well

Furthermore, you can also reinstall the Yahoo mail application in your android device to if any of the aforementioned solutions do not work. However, if you are not able to work with your application yet then you must contact the technical support and let the experts know about your yahoo mail not working on android. The expert will surely help you out with the professional solutions.

Why is Yahoo not working on my phone? 

Users can stick to the below-mentioned steps to get rid of the basic issues with their Yahoo account. 

  • Application not updated. 

Users may face issues with the Yahoo accounts if they have not updated the Yahoo account. Check your device and look for Yahoo updates. Users can update the application if they would like to eliminate errors while using Yahoo on the phone.

  • Clear the app data and cache.

Users can clear the app data and cache to eliminate issues and trouble with the Yahoo account. Users can clear cache and other redundant files to improve the overall functionality of the Yahoo account or application on their device. 

  • Force stop and restart your Yahoo application.

Users can force stop and restart the application to eradicate issues with your Yahoo account and application.

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